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I cannot promise this will always be the latest information , but when things are slack in the garage Ill post up what I can.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Hub problem, major pain!

Whilst checking out the shims required to install the rear hubs to the wishbones, I noticed that one of the hubs has excessive free play.

The hub was free to move in and out by around 5mm and also could be rocked from side to side. The other hub was fine with no free play at all in any direction! Damn!

A quick email to Ed at Ward Engineering confirmed that I should return the hub for it to be checked, so thatwas that, off it went today and hopefully I should get it back in time for next weeks assembly game!

Still I cant fault Ed, its well over a year since I had these parts. Im not sure if hes charging me though, thats yet to be worked out!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Not much happening.

Not much to report at the moment, no time spent in the garage for a while now. Hoping to get up there next week during my weeks holiday.
Here's the plan.
1) Fit Diff to chassis by top four mounting bolts.
2) Fit diff carrier brackets to chassis.
3) Fit diff pivot brackets loosely to diff.
4) Fit lower pivot bolts through brackets into pivot brackets.
5) Fit shims and bolt up pivot brackets.
6) Remove diff and setup on floor at required height to set geometry.
7) Install brake discs and calipers adjusting shimming to centre disc on caliper.
8) Fit hub to lower arm, adjusting the shims Ive forgotten to buy!
9) Install drive shaft to hub and ensure fully home.
10) Install drive shaft to diff output flange using camber shims to set camber.
11) Adjust toe in at this stage.
12) Fit assembly to chassis (easier than it sounds as I cant lift the diff on its own!)
13) Check toe in again.
14) Check thrust.
15) Adjust as required. (I think this is going to be the killer!)

So that's it, the plan for next Tuesday, Ive a few things to order in before then so Id best get on with it!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

New carb.

Here's a few pics of the new carb, its rather large!

Just for interest really!

Some Progress.

Started preparing the rear axle parts for assembly today. First up the diff carrier brackets needed the pivot shaft holes cleaning out as some paint had run in.

Round file and some wire wool sorted that out.

So now the pivot shafts can go through OK.

Using new bolts Ive temporally mounted the brackets to the diff after cleaning the paint from the mating faces.

After this I turned my attention to the lower arms and again cleaned out all the shaft holes, installed new grease nipples and bearing's.

So that's both arms ready for installation.

Its getting to the point where I can put off no longer the assembly of the rear axle, still not convinced I know what I doing though!

New Gauge & dash direction.

As always I change my mind on a frequent basis so keeping up is not easy! Ive moved away from the classic look back to a more modern feel. I'm back looking at Autometer gauges and I like the look of the Cobalt range.

And illuminated.

I hear the purists shuddering but care not I!

For the Speedo, Tacho, Fuel gauge and oil pressure gauge I will use the full sweep units. The fuel gauge is programmable so it can be set to match any quirks of the sender caused by the tank design.

And for the water temp, oil temp and voltmeter the half sweep units will do. This is worth doing as the half sweep are nearly 50% the cost of the full sweep but they are the same size.

The blue illumination will match the push button switches Ive chosen, again a much more modern take.

The warning lights will be those as supplied by ETB.

With a couple of standard Lucas flick switches for the lights and fan controls that completes the dash items.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Gauge dissapointment

Ah well, not everything goes to plan but my latest dissapointment will no doubt be approved by the Cobra purists.

The all singing, all dancing, Autometer Nexus gauges I had hoped to use are not suitable for use in an open top car. (see the "check these Gauges out link")

A quick email to Autometer confirmed the following.

"The Nexus instruments will not be easily seen in a convertible. The gauges have a tinted lens on them for a clean look when they are powered down. However, the tinted lens also makes it difficult to see in bright sunlight. We have had people use the Nexus series in a convertible, but they were in a shaded area."

The dash of a Cobra is hardly a shaded area so that's them out of the running, too much cost to take the risk I'm afraid.

Now thinking to go a bit more authentic and use either Greengauges or Smiths Electric Cobra range. Either way this will at least be considerably cheaper than the Autometer units. Ho hum.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Stoneleigh 2007

Took a trip up to Stoneleigh last Sunday, I hadnt intended to go but my dad fancied it so that was good enough excuse for me!

Took in all the usual suspects, paid GD a brief visit to collect some nuts I needed and hunted down suppliers of silicone hose. If GD cant supply the Ford set in red I wil use an alternative supplier. Ive added potentials to the suppliers list.

The CRC area was again well attended with one of the biggest turn outs of the day.

You dont get a good impression form this pictures but there are a lot of Cobra's there!

I think the most unusual thing I saw was this dash.

Nice job, thats the actual car painted onto the dash (somewhow!)

All in all a good day out and I only spent £4.50 on some P clips!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Parts update.

Finally arrived!!
Is wrong to get excited about some parts from the USA? Anyway they all arrived in good condition, the starter is smaller than I expected and the carb is bigger! The ignition module looks to be a good unit and most annoyingly comes with a link cable to go between the ignition and dizzy so I dont need the MSD one Ive got. Still the MSD one looks to be a better grade cable and its got sleeving whereas the Summit one does not. Ill stick some pictures on here later.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Still waiting.

Well at least my box from Summit has made it to through customs and is now sat at Bristol international hub awaiting a letter to arrive on my door mat asking for more money. Then once Ive paid that they will deliver it, no one will be in so it will go back to Bristol, I will spend hours on the phone trying to talk to a human before getting it redirected to my local post office (hopefully) for 50p or worst case to my parents for £5.50!!

Beginning to think the extra $30 for UPS might have been worth it!!