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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Wheres my stuff then?

Well after tracking my parcel through the US it left Chicago on the 23rd, flew to the UK and disappeared into the black hole known as Parcel Force. Maybe its stuck in customs but as yet Ive no way of tracking it. Hope it fairs better than the last one which resided in a puddle for a few weeks before they delivered it in bits with my fuel pump all rusty!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Taking advantage of the dollar rate!

With the pound worth over $2 I couldn't ignore the opportunity to capitalise. So after a bit of working out what would actually be cheaper imported I phoned Summit and ordered the following.
Edlebrock 1405 600 cfm manual choke carb.
Ford Racing Parts Hi Torque mini starterSummit Ignition box.

Oh and the cable to plug the Ignition box into my MSD 8479 dizzy. (its just a cable so no pic I'm afraid!)

I was going for the MSD 6AL but was offered the Summit item instead. On paper they look very similar except the Summit unit is digital and has a rotary switch to set the rev limit and dip switches to set the engine configuration. Whereas the MSD unit uses plug in modules to set the rpm limit (at extra cost) and a on time cut link to set the engine configuration.

All in all it work out around £50 cheaper than the MSD and looks to be a better unit, Time will tell!

So adding up what Ive spent, Ive worked out that the equivalent parts from UK sources would be another £200. Now I'm happy!

Summit are really easy to order from and really helpful, with their lines open 24hrs a day it makes life easy.