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Thursday, 1 September 2005

Engine Part 3.

Continuing the history. so far we are still in 2005!

The block came back from the machine shop looking like new.

I could start work on getting it clean. Here I set aside a morning and armed with air powered degreaser spray, hot pressure washer and a set of engine cleaning brushes I carried out the dreaded cleaning job. It amazing how much muck there was in there from the machining process.

With the block cleaned it was time to start putting in the bits that had to go back before painting it. These were the core plugs, oil gallery plugs and cam plug, all of which went in easily with a little Permatex black.

Now to paint it, I had decided to use POR15 engine enamel but to be perfectly honest the amount of work involved in using the complete system made me opt for VHT engine enamel in a spray can.

I masked up the decks, front cover area and sump area...

and applied 4 coats of enamel.

I also did the front cover and water pump which all in all required 2 cans, thanks to US Automotive for sending out can No.2 so quickly! The finished results I am very happy with.

Well thats a mamoth entry, thats all for tonight!