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Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Front axle sub assembly.

With all the bits of the front axle either cleaned and painted or new parts purchased I started to assembly the upper wishbones.

The new powerflex bushes went in first and all the parts were laid out ready to go. That's new nuts, bolts, washers, camber shimms and ball joints.

Following the jag workshop manual I put it all together and wound up with:

Now as it says in all the best manuals, LHS shown, RHS similar. So repeat the operation for the other side!

The lower wishbones were much easier with just the bushes to press in place.

The upright assembly started by installing the lower ball joints, don't do as I did and shear off one of the bolts, Much swearing later Id drilled out the bolt and obtained a new one, luckily it all went together OK.

The stub axles went back in OK and finished off with the water defector.

The old workbench is a bit untidy there, must tidy up a bit.

New wheel studs went into the hubs next, after battling with them in my vice I bit the bullet and purchased a press. Id resisted doing this earlier in the project to save money but wished I had no as the studs went in in moments. The press also came into place when fitting the bearings and I'm sure it will find many other uses.

With the hubs now fitted with new bearings I assembled the new EBC vented, dimpled brake discs to the hubs.

Next the hubs were dropped onto the stub axles and the retaining nut put place to keep everything where it should be. The hubs were then filled with grease before the brake calipers were fitted with new bolts and washers.

To complete the assembly the new GD steering arms were fitted with the modified brake pipe brackets. Job done!