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Saturday, 7 October 2006

Chassis Collection

Well it didn’t seem like so long before our summer holiday to Canada was over and it was time to collect the chassis. To be honest our holiday was so good I totally forgot that I had ordered the chassis, when I got back and there was a message from Meena on the answer phone it all came back to me. So after confirming the powder coat colour as silver and that yes I did want two roll bars a date was set for collection, October 7th.

7th October 2006 – Collection day.
After asking around on the club site and confirming that the chassis weighed under 100Kg I decided that my father in laws car could cope with the chassis on the roof rack without concern, so I loaded up both fathers and headed for GD.
When we arrived the power was out to the estate so we had to man handle the chassis through a normally doorway, luckily not such a hard job with 4 people. The chassis was hoisted up onto the roof rack and suddenly looked small!

Strapped down and secure with the chassis bolt pack and brackets, steering rack and brake pipe kit loaded into the boot we bid farewell to Andy and headed for home, checking through the sunroof periodically that nothing was moving.

Here’s the drawback of using a roof rack, the chassis gets covered in dead bugs before its even on the road!!

Once home the chassis was lowered onto axle stands in the garage where no doubt it will stay for a while.