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Monday, 10 June 2013

Modern or classic?

One defining decision is do I go modern or stick with the classic look?

Here's a fairly classic look GD snapped at Stoneleigh a few years ago.

And then to something much more modern, its not a GD and it has side pipes but I kind of like the look of this car.

Not so sure about the interior colouring but the switches are modern and the rest is basically its a choice between big (18" front and 19" rear) or little (16 or 17") wheels.

Maybe traditional is best though.

Project concept.

For a long time the target that I have been aiming for has been unclear. Of course the end goal is a roadworthy GD427 that goes like stink and looks good but within that base aim there are options.

I've often fancied trying to do something a little bit different, something that sets my GD apart from the rest and in this section I will try and list up some of the ideas I have had over the course of the project so far.