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Friday, 9 September 2011

First start at home.

Well this blog is well out of date!!

This is jumping forward a bit as many things have happened since my last run of activity. Mainly my time is now mostly taken up with nappies etc following the happy arrival of our first daughter Emily.

In the garage I completed the engine install - details of that I will back fill later - and now it was ready to run.

So with a trusty assistant, thanks Andy, at the ready we went for first start.

Hummm not so great!

After a quick check of a few things we realised that a minor error had been made. Muggins here had forgotten that the Ford dizzy rotates anticlockwise and had put all the plug leads on in the wrong order!

So a quick re-arrangement took place and we tried again.

Success! With no silencing it was quite loud though not dreadful. the pipes were attached and it it was run again until the fan cut in to check we had cooling. All was well apart from a few water leaks.

This is the final video taken after she was put to bed for the night, couldn't resist one last run!

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Ryan said...

Great Stuff Andy, engine sounds fantastic !