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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Finishing off the shift mech.

As previously shown the shift mech just would not work as Getrag intended with its new location in a GD chassis. A few mods were needed.

1. Separate the gear shift.

2. Cut off the silly lump at the top.

Here's all the relevant bits before modification.

3. Get your engineering firm to weld on a flag for the gear lever, albeit the wrong way round. Slight mix up with the drawings and the flag is 90° out.

No pic of it on its own Im afraid, too keen to get on!

4. Clean and repaint mech carrier.

One with the shift lever in place.

5. Get engineers to extend extend shift rod by 93mm

6. Refit with the spacers, new rubber bushes and shiney new washers!

Now that sounds easy, but there was a small problem. In routing the fuel line in this area I managed to get on of teh clips right in the way. The shift mech spacer fouled on the clip and caused a hard touch, something I wanted to avoid to ensure if teh box moved I wouldnt get any problems.

The white paint marks where put on the clip to leave an impression of the spacer, with this done I then took the spacer back to PJO for a clearance area to be milled out.

Job done, no more hard touch.

Both spacers in, the threaded rod thread locked in place and the shift rod re-attached.

I left it overnight for the thread lock to harden and then finished the install.

I have to say Im a bit chuffed with the way its turned out.


STR said...

Lovely Job Chap.... time for a patent??

Andy said...

Cheers mate, if theres ever a mad rush on fitting Getrags to GD's then Im rich, rich I tell you. However, in reality I cant see it being a big money spinner!!